Lost your flight and want to stay some more hours in town?
You have 2 business meetings and want to break between those?

Ever heard about Day Use Hotel Rooms?

In last years in Europe, and in Italy as always a little bit later, the use of hotels during the day is expanding.

According to Google Trends the search for the keywords “day use hotel” in last 5 years (2013-2018) has grown constantly, in Europe, United States and South America.

Day Use: how it works

Day use services are generally available between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM at an average price discount of 50% compared to regular hotel booking rates. Discounts can be also of 75% – 90% in some cases. Not only the room is interesting in this formula, but also the access to the Spa of the hotel, the Swimming Pool or the Meeting Room.

The players

One of the most popular services is DAYBREAKHOTELS:
I particularly love their idea of a new type of traveller: the DayBreaker.

In their words:

Founded in February 2013, DayBreakHotels platform has created a new philosophy of lifestyle and a new type of traveller: the DayBreaker.
Without having to wait on weekends, vacations, or annual holidays, the DayBreaker is someone who says yes to comfort during long layovers in airports or train stations, for instance. The DayBreaker mentality is one that lives within all individuals who believe that luxury can be a part of their lives as well, even for just a few hours. Our multi-faceted platform works to suit the needs of every client, from the business manager looking for a place to work or freshen up between appointments or tired airline travellers in need of a place to rest. The service also extends to individuals who need a place to rest up and relax; a short break between planes or long drives.

Another platform is DAYUSE: https://www.dayuse.com/
This online platform allows as well to book hotel rooms during the day, with an offer of 4000 hotels in the world and 700 in Italy. Last luxurious acquisitions are the 5 stars Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milano and the 5 stars Palazzo Montemartini in Roma.
Dayuse.com in Italy in 2017 has registered a +60% in the luxury segment.

Those data demonstrates that this business model is very solid and it capture all travellers in transit, the business travellers and the daycation travellers.

Other interesting portals are:
the French ones  https://fr.roomforday.com/hotel/luxe.html and https://www.soroom-hotel.com

Everyone is happy!

Day use is a great opportunity for hotels – the same room can be sold twice in 24 hours – and for travelers, that can stay in hotels also prestigious at very convenient rates and can use the Spa. Or at least that can use a bed in which they can dispose of jet lag.

Latest trend in day use: Aperi-Use

The Italian hotel group PLANETARIA HOTELS http://www.planetariahotels.com   has launched the idea of the Aperi-Use, a private aperitif with friends in their hotel rooms, between 10 am and 7 pm.

The Aperi-Use is the occasion to taste good cocktails without a barman: just uncork the ready mixed bottle and pour in a tumbler with ice. In Planetaria Hotel rooms you can find at this purpose dry snacks and a collection of “ready made” cocktails prepared by a skillful Italian barman.


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