About us

About the company

In last 10 years we have worked with more than 500 hotels in Italy for hundred of groups and we have built a curated suppliers archive.

Every day we work to update it and we regularly check existing contacts and try new ones. We focus on great hotels and local culture.

We feel the duty of delivering what Italy is, overcoming some stereotypes and disclosing the richness and beauty of our Country.

Italy is a place full of amazing stories still to be told.

After years spent behind the scenes of international tour companies we’ve learned how accommodations are crucial for tour operating. And how much they influence costs, as they are one of main expense voices.

We focus on rates optimization through a direct and punctual negotiation, that helps to build solid and trusted relationships, saving time and money!

About the founder

I’ve worked in the Tourism Industry for years, focusing on Clients Accommodations in the Operational Side of International Tour Operating. 

My prior scientific studies help me to schedule and process all the duties that Hotel Reservations require, realizing that tourism has really become a science.

Excellent products are built on professional and totally organized back office work, often many months before your clients enjoy their journeys.

Maximum attention to detail is obtained only with an efficient way of working; nothing can be approximate!

I have also worked as a Service Buyer in a big italian Company: that “old-school” imprinting allows me every day to manage hotel contracts and negotiations. I have strengthened my competences graduating with a Master in Tourism Management in Milan, aligning with latest trends and updates, and obtaining a Mystery Guest Certificate.

Education and experience are fundamental but above all I believe that interpersonal relationships and empathy are driving forces in business, especially in the sector of hospitality.

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