Carnivals in Italy


“A Carnevale ogni scherzo vale”

Every italian has this phrase in his/her memory and has used this “excuse” to make jokes to friends during masks parades. Every joke is valid during Carnival, and this has been useful for people to concentrate in one moment of the year the insanity that often is necessary to live!
Carnival in Italy is an important moment of the year, when winter time reaches is final expression and after which we all prepare to springtime.

An antique tradition

The origins of Carnival date back to the Roman Saturnalia festival that rang in the new year (Julian calendar) – similarly to the Lupercalia and Dionysian feasts.
From North to South, Italy marks Carnival with long standing traditions that are internationally-known, and that attract thousands of visitors from around the world this time every year.
The multiplicity of Italian cities, town and hamlets that renders our Peninsula a rich opportunity for Tourists, at Carnival as well is represented.

An embarrassment of riches.

Many are famous Carnivals, as Venezia or Viareggio, both represented by masks, elegant and sophisticated the Venetian ones

more ironic and goliardic the Tuscan.

But there is plenty of minor Carnivals as Acireale in Sicily, Cento in Romagna or Putignano in Puglia.

My favourite one…honestly!

I am lucky to live in Ivrea, where an important historical Carnival takes place every year and in which, among many other moments, the Orange Battles take place in different areas of the city astonishing and amusing inhabitants and visitors.

Wherever you’d decide to go, this event is attracting tourists to our cities every year and are an inestimable richness of our Country.
Buon Carnevale a tutti!


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