Historic Hotels: the Grand Hotel in Rimini and its Liberty Style

We continue our posts of the serie “historic hotels”, this time we remain in our beloved Italy.
We visit the Grand Hotel in Rimini  http://www.grandhotelrimini.com/en/#.WUktL8ZabR0,  in the Emilia Romagna region.

Our Clients needs and ideas enriches our hotels portfolio

The idea of this post comes from the Chef Tour of Tourissimo, one of our Clients. Tourissimo has recently ended its itinerary https://www.tourissimo.travel/emilia-romagna-chef-bike-tour  with a stay at the Grand Hotel . We ‘ve been involved in the hotels rooms booking process.

So we immersed ourselves in one of the most sparkling periods of italian twenty century: the period of Art Nouveau, that in Italy is called Liberty.
Italy has a huge heritage of Liberty art and the Grand Hotel in Rimini is one of the main examples of Liberty buildings.

History of the building

The hotel has 200 rooms, spaciuos terraces and a magnificent faceade Liberty style.
Inauguration was in 1908, the south american architect Paolo Somazzi designed the hotel few years before.
Internally still today we can admire french and venetian furntitures of XVIII century that commemorate a pompous past. And don’t miss the exotic gardens!

The hotel doesn’t directly face the sea. That’s because in that period nobility and upper class had no interest for the seaside, that would be an absurd concept nowadays!

In 1920 a big fire destroyed upper rooms and the 2 big ornamental domes were lost in the event.
Also the second world war damaged seriously the hotel.
However the hotel has been reconstructed and still has its original charme. Furthermore In 1994 the Grand Hotel Rimini was recognized as a national monument and it is under the protection of the Superintendent of Fine Arts.
In july 2008 the hotel celebrated 100 year with dedicated events.
Since december 20017 the hotel is part of the italian Hotel Group Select Hotels, owned by the Batani family. Select Hotels is one of few italian Hotels Group.
The onwer Antonio has revealed that

“after being engaged with this wonderful lady for many years, finally I got married with her!”

Many famous guests has onoured the Grand Hotel during its centennial story…actors, politicians, rich and famous people.

The Grand Hotel and Federico Fellini

Surely an important famous person for this hotel was the italian director Federico Fellini. Fellini was born in Rimini and had been fascinated from the hotel since its childhood.

In his famous film “A’Marcord” (dated 1973) the Hotel was the ubiquitous background of many scenes, even if in a dreamy and magic interpretation.

A friendly and modern Staff

Nowadays relating with so impressive hotels, with their memories and glorious past, can be a little bit frightening.
But from our part we’ve been delighted and surprised by the extremely friendly staff, very attentive and efficient.

A hotel that doesn’t live only basing on its fame but that is able to renew its appeal every day.


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