Hotel Bookings & Relations

This is a job that can last months: negotiating, managing option dates and penalties, sending rooming list.
We can take charge of all those tasks as we were you.
Hotel bookings and relations are a big job for the tour operator:

  • negotiating to have the best tour operator rates
  • following up on release options
  • paying attention to avoid penalties for late cancellations or room number reduction
  • sending complete rooming lists and passport lists and making sure all details are received
  • handle many details with hotel staff before and after your groups stay

This is a job that can last months.

We can deal with hotels for you. 

We eliminate the endless searching, price comparisons, reading tons of reviews (can you even trust them these days?), plus the time wasted stressing over the “right” hotel. Instead, we handle the entire process for you.

We solve the usual miscommunication frustrations arising from different time zone, language and culture.

Any issues or problems are handled directly with the hotel and by us on your behalf.

Save your time and money