Italian Tourism and its Reform [Constitutional Referendum, Dec 4th]

On December 4th in Italy an important Constitutional Referendum, a recall one, will take place.
Politicians are discussing and at today it’s difficult to say if YES or NO will win.

Among many items in discussion, we want to focus on Tourism Reform and on what will change in this sector if YES will win next month.

Tourism is a key asset for Italy

Tourism is one of Italian main important economical sectors, corresponding to 10% of Gross National Product and employing more than 2.6 million of people ( data from World Travel and Tourism Council
In Italy we have the hugest number of UNESCO’s sites in the world and in 2015 statistics said that more than 50 Millions of foreign tourists have visited our Country spending more than 35 Billions of euros.
Numbers that lead heads to spin.
But that should be even higher than this.

Italian Tourism is at today under the control of 20 different regions

Nowadays the jurisdiction on tourism is under the Regions’ control. In Italy there are 20 Regions and, since 2001, every region has its own rules, marketing campaigns, transportation policies and investments strategies.

Often it happens that Regions are in competition among them and that lead to costs increase.
Also the criteria for hotels classification are different from Region to Region, so that a 4 star in an area is sometimes merely a 3 one.

If YES wins the control of Italian Tourism will be in State Government hands

The Reform talks expressively of Tourism in the article number 31.
The Reform will assign to Central State the competence on Tourism, assigning to Regions local tourism developments.
A cooperation system would be effective in place of the actual legislative division in this sector.
From this point of view the Reform would obtain a new and full national strategy, competitive among the global market.

“Entrepreneurs need to invest in Italian Tourism and advocate the homogeneous promotion of Italy”

– says Bernabò Bocca , President of Federalberghi (the national association of Italian hotel owners
Surely some Regions among others would greatly benefit from this.

We are talking of the so called Mezzogiorno, the southern part of Italy that, except few exceptions, at today is really a hidden treasure.


Hence stay tuned and let’s see the results of this important election day.


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